We are a small partnership focused on making investments in high growth companies across diverse sectors in Central America. Using our extensive experience in venture, private equity, and investment banking, we capitalize, build, and ultimately create a valuable business.

We partner with and invest in companies in Central America with the potential to become regional leaders in their respective sectors.


The Central America Thesis
Central America boasts characteristics that are very attractive for private equity investments in the region.

Favorable demographics

A large, growing, and young population creates a strong platform for consumer demand in the near future.

Continued economic growth

Resulting in an unmet demand for healthcare, IT, financial services, consumer goods, retail, logistics and telecommunications as GDP growth outpaces that of the United States.

Stable and favorable economic fundamentals

Including government commitments to reduce public debt, maintaining fiscal flexibility and establishing regulated financial systems in order to attract business investments and opportunities.

Private equity imbalance

Limited pool of independent investment partners with deep experience growing businesses, unlocking longterm value, implementing best practices in governance, and creating alignment of interest between founders and investors.

Investment Profile

Company profile suitable for investment

  • Based in Central America or the Dominican Republic
  • Companies seeking longterm partnership capital and advice
  • Is or can be the leader in their respective market
  • Potential for regional expansion
  • Looking for longterm liquidity and wealth creation

Investment sectors

  • Healthcare
  • Business services
  • Financial services
  • Light manufacturing
  • Information technology
  • Mobile communications
  • Consumer goods and services
  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Marketing
  • Logistics

Business characteristics

  • Proven operating models
  • Service orientation, recurring revenue, low capex
  • Cash flow positive or at or near cash flow breakeven
  • Experienced management teams
  • Clear exit opportunities
  • Revenues < US$ 15 million, assets < US$ 15 million, employee count < 300 people

Investment characteristics

  • Initial investment size of US$ 2 to 7 million
  • CoreCo majority economic control or minority holdings with majority rights
  • Pure equity or mezzanine financing (no traditional debt)
  • Compliance with Environmental and Social and Governance minimal standards
  • 5 to 7 year investment horizon

If you would like to provide an investment proposal, please view the requirements.



Distributor of home appliances and white goods with operations in Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua


Guatemalan branch of the United States’ largest hard discount grocery chain, Save-A-Lot


Costa Rican leader in automotive product sales and distribution to the trade

Urgencias Medicas

Provider of low-cost telemedicine and urgent care services to the Guatemalan market

Responsible Investing

We work with our partner companies in the implementation of ESG management systems as we believe measuring and building upon the sustainability and ethical impact of an investment leads to long-term value creation.


  • To identify, evaluate and mitigate environmental risks and impacts
  • To optimize resource efficiency and promote a sustainable supply chain
  • To prevent pollution and overall impact on climate change


  • To ensure positive and safe labor and working conditions
  • To increase the level of inclusion and broaden the talent pool through a diverse business community
  • To promote health, safety, and security for all stakeholders


  • To ensure honesty, integrity, fairness, diligence and respect in all business dealings
  • To lead the regional development of best practices in governance for the entrepreneurial and private equity ecosystem
  • To apply international best practices in relation to corporate governance

Our Team

Latest News

CoreCo Private Equity announces investment in GRS

San Pedro Sula, Honduras. – June XX, 2016 – CoreCo Private Equity, the private equity fund targeting investments in Central America and the Dominican Republic, has announced an investment in GRS, a Honduras-based company that commercializes white goods in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua. CoreCo’s investment will be used to fund inventory, capacity expansion, and development of new products in GRS.

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CoreCo Private Equity announces investment in Synergy Group Service Solutions

San Jose, Costa Rica. – CoreCo Private Equity, the private equity fund targeting investments in Central America and the Dominican Republic, today announced the closing of its investment in Synergy Group Service Solutions (“SGSS”), Costa Rica market leader in automotive product sales and distribution to the trade. CoreCo’s investment will be used to continue the Company’s growth in the distribution of machinery, tools parts and consumables to the automotive service market.

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